Drama Points – Coming Soon

drama points

WHAT is a DramaPoint? Not to be confused with helpful tips about acting, a DramaPoint is a skit with a relevant point, enhanced with Powerpoint. With Powerpoint in so many churches across the country, DramaPoints are modern, eye-catching means to engage today’s culture with the relevancy of the Gospel.

WHY use Powerpoint? The bright idea came to wattspress after realizing the multi-media potential and flexibility of Powerpoint as a theatre backdrop. Instead of roping around a bulky canvas, a Powerpoint file brings up the next scene with one simple button. And, you won’t have to scrounge around to track down those elusive or oversized props. The animation capabilities of Powerpoint and the built-in animations of DramaPoint can make a delivery truck drive right up to your stage. Hook up your computer to a sound system, and you’ll hear the sound effects as the truck makes its entrance. More importantly, a powerful point is wrapped beneath the colorful slides. Jesus used stories called parables to get a point across to his disciples. Think of DramaPoint as the modern version of the parable.

Check wattspress.com for the first of its kind, coming soon.


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