My TweetHeart – A Free Presentation

My Tweet-Heart is a FREE dramatic presentation for your ministry.  Lights, camera, action!  Get your best drama team together to impress.  Or just get energetic teens together and throw in the pizza.  Soon enough, you’ll have a presentation that’s more than a presentation.  Inspire, plant seeds, and stir up gifts as you go.  That’s the desire of wattspress with the new DramaPoint tool, a fresh new way to present Gospel truths.  We mean it when we say get out your camera.  Video-tape the final result and be prepared for up-coming contests.  Find out more at wattspress – drama points.


MY TWEETHEART:  Kelly finds love in an unexpected place.  The new Z-phone just came in, and Kelly can’t wait to load up on friends.  Tweets, apps, and flashy screens take her search to a desolate, dead-end road.  Her broken heart stares back like a dead screen.  Is no one out there, in the whole wide social network, who can mend her heart?  The answer might draw closer to her than she ever expected.  A classic story proves its undying love when a prince steps through time.  It turns out Kelly had already been given a gadget, just waiting to be unlocked.

Slide3Partners, this is the first Drama Point and we intend to make more!  Please, we could use all the feedback we can get (feedback that’s full of grace and truth.)  Pioneer with us, play around with the choregraphing and lighting, and let others know what works best.  Comment below or conact wattspress.


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