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Thank you for your interest in these articles.  As the sole contributing author, T. William Watts, I have exciting news for you.  This year has been the culmination of a quest for truth that has led me to publish my next book.  This book will delve into one of the hottest topics, Hell; on the other hand, we’ll map the route to Heaven’s reality.  Please pray with me as I carefully study God’s Word and church doctrine.  God’s Word is the ultimate authority, the church a pillar of respect, and I but a humble vessel.

While I love to share articles freely, I also ask that you credit me with any portions of the articles on this site.  One day, you might see that portion in my new book.  Simply include quotes and my author name, as shown here:


All cheering from the sidelines, no shattered bones, no shattered hopes.  Whatever medals we earn, we’ll lift them up to the One True King, our eternal burning light for unending venues, in our eternal home.”

– T. William Watts


I appreciate this simple courtesy, along with your prayers.  If you haven’t gotten a hold of my fictional work yet, I would encourage you to take the opportunity now.



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